Pumpkin with BoThis website is a story about a donkey called Pumpkin who has found so much needed love and care. The real story that sounds like a fairy tale.

Once upon a time there was a neglected donkey Pumpkin, living on a grassy place all year round with only occasional hay and no regular hoof care. All of this and a discovery of her insulin resistance condition, has resulted for Pumpkin in painful laminitis (inflammation of the hooves caused by sugar from grass containing fructans, polymers of sugar fructose) and founder (rotation of coffin bone caused by separation of coffin bone and hoof wall because of inflamed laminae). Equine insulin resistance is considered #1 cause of laminitis

Even after several years of trying to do everything possible to help Pumpkin, her hooves are still far away from being perfect with tilted coffin bone inside threatening to penetrate the sole, visible on the x-ray pictures in Galleries page. Coffin Bone in a healthy donkey hoof is normally ground parallel.

There is always a hope that despite all Pumpkin's serious health problems - founder, laminitis, uveitis, arthritis and insulin resistance - there might be a positive change in her conditions with devoted care and treatment, so she can live hapily ever after. 

Nobody really ever wanted to keep Miss Pumpkin. I guess it was my good luck because without that MsPumpkin.com website wouldn't be here to show this wonderful donkey to the whole world and also give to all equine owners some useful infomation about their animals.

Thanks for visiting, enjoy Pumpkin's story, and God Bless!

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"Smrt jednoho dva rozdělí,
smrt druhého navědy zas je stmelí"
(Death divides two at the beginning,
just to reunite them at the end)

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